Refrigerator in Garage

Now that the colder weather is setting in, here’s some information to help prevent service calls on your garage refrigerator. If you have a garage refrigerator, you may experience many problems, especially in an unheated garage. There are many misconceptions about refrigerators in garages. Refrigerators are designed to operate at or around room temperature (67-77 degrees). Ironically, refrigerators do better at warmer temperatures then colder temps. Basically, refrigerators will work good up to about 100 degrees and down to about 55 or so but optimal is room temp. What happens is when the ambient temp gets down to about 50, the frig will not run long enough to cool the freezer properly. This is because the frig doesn’t have to run very long to get the fresh food section to proper temps of 35-40. When the outside temperature gets down into the 30’s, the frig will not run at all because it is already at or below the required operating temp for the fresh food. So eventually the temp in the freezer and frig will become the same as the ambient outside temp. So basically you end up with a giant cooler that will keep things as cold as it is outside.  The only way around this is to have a heated garage or purchase a frig made specially for garages.


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