Don’t be fooled

Shhh… We’re giving away a trade secret. Are you ready? Here it is……


The latest trend in the appliance service industry is to offer a “FREE SERVICE CALL WITH REPAIR!” Get’s your attention doesn’t it? It’s supposed to. Here’s the secret… There is NO such thing as a free service call!  Sorry if it seems like I am yelling but you would not believe the people that fall for this advertising gimmick!


Like all good illusions, you truly must know that things don’t just disappear; you just can’t see them because they are hidden from your view. It is the same with the service call charge. It didn’t just go away, it’s still there, and it’s just hidden within the other costs of the repair.


I have been in this business for 30 years. Telling people their service call is free or that it goes towards the repair(whatever that’s suppose to mean) is just an advertising gimmick for the service company to get their foot in your door. I would equate it to car dealers telling you they will give you a free car if they can’t beat your best deal. Do you really think they are giving away cars? No, of course not, it’s just an advertising lure to get you in the door so they can sell you a car. It’s the same in this industry with the lure of a free service call. It gets them in your door so they can sell you a repair.


What’s more, often times companies that offer free service calls will charge you not only a service call, but an additional diagnostic fee. It can cost as much as $100.00 or more toNOT get your appliance repaired!  When you see the cost of the total repair, a free service call doesn’t seem like such a good deal anymore.


So, be smart, don’t fall for the gimmicks. Instead of asking if the service call is free, maybe start asking “How much will this total repair cost me?”  If you provide accurate, detailed information (make, model # and good description of the problem you’re having, none of this “it doesn’t work” stuff) to an experienced service company, in most cases they should be able to provide a rough repair estimate over the phone. Now that info truly is free!


That brings me to another topic. Do you really want the cheapest service company coming to your home to try to fix your stuff? Is that the most important factor in choosing a service company? How much more would you pay for a professional, experienced, trust worthy company? Let’s talk about that next time.


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