Before calling for service

Having the necessary information ready in advance of placing a service call will speed the process and ensure that nothing is forgotten at the last minute. These are the pieces of information that will be needed to get your appliance serviced and should be in hand when placing a service request.


Brand Name

Frigidaire,Kenmore, Whirlpool, etc.

It is important this be accurate, don’t guess.


Appliance Type

Refrigerator, washer, dryer, etc.


Detailed Complaint

Be as detailed with the complaint as possible, “not working right” will not be sufficient.

Have the person most familiar with the problem place the service call.


Detailed Observation(s)

State exactly when the problem is noticed occurring. E.g.

  • The washer is noisy on spin.
  • The fridge makes the noise when it starts running.
  • The dishwasher leaks during the drain cycle.
  • The dryer doesn’t heat in the permanent press cycle.
  • etc.

Model and Serial Number

If you know parts will be required, these should be handy when placing the service call. They should be taken directly off the appliance and not off any literature (like an owner’s manual, bill of sale, etc.) that may have come with the product.


Cross Street

The name of the nearest major road that joins the street you live on.


We currently service the Southeast Michigan areas of western Wayne County and southwest Oakland County including Plymouth, Canton, Livonia, Farmington and more.

Please enter your zip code to see if we can provide on site service.



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